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About Me

Hi Everyone, I am Aundre Dudley. I currently work for a Fortune 200 company as a Cybersecurity Architect. I am also a real estate investor (home flipper) and crypto-currency enthusiast. I am very bullish on Cardano, and I am investing in its long-term success. 

A few fun facts about me:

  • Favorite quote – I am who I am today because of the choices I made yesterday – Eleanor Roosevelt

  • Favorite Hobbies – Biking, piano, and playing chess (Bb_Swinging -

  • Bucket List – Play jazz piano live at an event 

Contact Us

Thanks for submitting! ADA Stake Pool is a professionally managed staking service that helps investors earn passive income on their Cardano (ADA) crypto assets through staking. Staking is the mechanism that powers a Proof of Stake decentralized blockchain as it allows a community of users to verify and secure transactions without the need for a bank or other central authority. NetSecology's mission is to provide a secure staking service that helps its delegates achieve financial freedom.

Why Stake with

Cardano is a very promising cryptocurrency and one that has become increasingly popular in the past few years. One thing to understand about Cardano is that people who hold Cardano's native coin ADA essentially own a stake in the network—holding ADA grants the owner privileges such as participation in governance and the ability to vote on funding upcoming Cardano projects. If you are involved in the Cardano staking process, you will receive newly-minted ADA every epoch period every 5 days. The amount of ADA you receive totals approximately 5% of the total amount of ADA you have staked over the course of a year. This makes staking Cardano a great way to earn passive income. In addition to receiving passive income, you also become part of a community of crypto enthusiasts and play a role in Cardano becoming more widely adopted. 

  1. Grow your Cardano assets while also watching them appreciate. Stop holding your ADA in exchanges like Coinbase or Etoro where you earn little to no interest on your assets. Staking with Netsecology allows you to earn approximately 5% annually on your ADA. For example, if you own 1000 ADA today, in 1 year, you could have 1050 ADA. 

  2. Have peace of mind knowing that your staking service is secure. NetSecology is operated by a seasoned cybersecurity professional who has designed cyber security architectures for Fortune 500 companies across the United States. The latest industry technologies and best practices are used to secure this service.

  3. Be a part of a truly disruptive technology and a growing industry. Don't miss out on record-breaking gains like Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

How to Stake with

The process to stake your ADA with is very straightforward, thanks to the design of Cardano. Follow the below steps:

  1. Register an account with a crypto exchange and transfer funds from your banking account. Some common crypto exchanges are Coinbase, Kraken, Binance, Bitfinex, and KuCoin.

  2. Buy ADA through the crypto exchange. You may need to wait up to a week before you can send the ADA outside of the crypto exchange while your initial deposit is being transferred.

  3. After approximately a week, depending on the exchange you used, you will be able to transfer the ADA to your personal wallet, such as Yoroi or Daedalus. Be sure to transfer a small amount of ADA first to become familiar with the process. 

  4. Within your wallet, there is a Delegate tab. Search for NETSC, which is the staking pool.

  5. Press Stake Now, and you have completed the staking process!

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